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Accessory connecotr location??

Downloaded installation instructions for Kuryakyn Grip Heat Demons. They say connect to headlight orange/white wire are the headlight or near the battery. Still hate taping into existing wire though... And for the life of me, I still can;t locate this accessory connector that should be located in front of the battery near the B+ connector...

any clues where the accessory might be hiding?
Deluxeman07, there's a single pole hotwire in the tray, in front of the battery. I don't like tapeing connections either. Get a pair of wire tool pliers, has cutter, stripper and crimper built in. I put a male connector that fits the single pole plug and then a circle connector to the ground wire and bolted the ground wire with the other ground wires at that point. radio Shack sells a cigarette lighter type plug that i used, and a lot cheaper than harleys, it doesn't have the logo. It's fused and works to plug in different types of equipment, i use it for mp3 player, cell phone charger and such.
So that must be the B+ Connector your talking about? Will the cigarette lighter plug small enough to fit under the seat? I'll go to Radio Shack tomorrow and check it out.

sure would like to find the 4 pin connector though...

Oh, I just got another thought. I could get a connector or cig. light plug that has an SAE type connector. The same that would plug into my battery tender adapter which is already fused. That would work also. the Hest Demons have a 4 switch temp controller (3amp).

thankx for the tip...
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the cigarette lighter plug fits perfectly under the seat. i used heat shrink to bundle the wires and did wire tie the end so there would be no strain when i extended the wire. i liked using the B+ because with the airpump I don't have to have the bike running to inflate the tires. just make sure you fuse it, for protection.
i believe the connector you're looking for on the softails, is on the kickstand side, to the left of the battery pushed down and kind of hidden.
thankx for that pic man. All along, I thought it was the Data Link connector. Another posting described a different pin configuration/color/function for 4 pins for an Ultra Classic. I got and the pic has 3 pins. I guess HD doesn;t use a standard configuration for the connector. Now I'll need to know what these 3 wires are. Don;t see them described in my 04' Duece manual electrical diagrams (had a Duece before trading in).

where did you purchase the male connector and pins for the B+?
purchased them at radio shack. they have all types of connectors and different sizes. i crimped them on for good connection and strength. could have stripped away insulation to solder, but that would have required re-insulating with heat shrink. if you have a multimeter, you can locate hotwires in the accessory plug. switch ignition to accessory and have ground from meter to ground, insert red lead into plugs on accessory, to see which are hot.
Well, here;s what I learned today. I went to local HD stealer and asked one of the parts guys about the connectors. At first, he wasn;t familiar with the B+ connector. But, after me showing him, he understood what it did. I asked about the accessory connector. Looked it up and the Deluxe does not have one. The 4 pin (3 wires though) deutsch connector is in fact the Data Link, which makes sense because of the color code wires match up woth the electrical diagram, and not the posting I had read for the accessory connector.

So, he showed by the accessory apdapter (PN 70270-04), and it also comes with a mate connector. But, not the pin for the connector. Does that make any sense!! The pins have there own part number. So, bottom line for the B+ Connector, I could use it once I get the pin. So ,for about $18, not bad, and a neat connection. I also need to fuse the line for 3 amps.

I had mentioned that maybe use the battery tender connector. Bad idea!! It's like a 7 amp connection after looking at the spec for it. don;t want to fry me hands and ass if **** hits the famn with the heaters.

Then there;s the fuse box. Why not put the heaters on its own circuit. I'll connect to the spare, with a 5 amp fuse. that way, if anthing goes ballistic, I only blow that circuit and nothing else. So, that;'s what I'lll be doing
good choice, i may even switch my plug to the fuse box. i did mine on a quick fix and had been using it ever since and it supplies power without having to turn on any switches. Your way is probably what I should switch to.