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    Hello from Pasadena, Ca.

    I've been reading this board for quite a while, while getting closer to buying. It took a long time to whittle it down to a Deluxe. I think I'd rather buy new and was wondering who should I have do the various mods I want. I'll want the Stage I setup with probably V&H pipes. I'll want a better seat and pillion with backrests, windshield, saddlebags, and passenger floorboards. I know Harley offers all of this stuff, but would I be better off going elsewhere? Considering the pipes and Stage I, I'm not only thinking price wise, but legal wise as well (is Harley really going to mess with EPA standards?) The passenger floorboards sound easy enough to install myself, but should I order through Harley when I buy the bike? Same with the windshield and bags, which might be a bit more involved? Any advise greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Welcome Stix If you have all the mods installed before delivery they should all be cover under waranty. Ride Safe Doug
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    Welcome to the forum Pickup. Hope you'll stay sane eventhough you've joined us!

    I'm not a legal boffin but.... Parts/accessories are covered for 1 year whereas the bike get 2 years. So am I right in thinking that if the bike has pre-delivery installed extra's these extra's come under the two year warranty cover?
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    Hobbit is right I bought a Fatboy and by the time I get all the goodies I want on it I'll end up spending more than if I would have gotten the Haritage with everything on it all already.
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    Also, if you're buying new, all the extras you want can be a major negotiating point. I read about folks all the time who paid full MSRP for the bike BUT got $1000 to $1500 in accessories included or got the extended warranty thrown in.
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    Since you are from California, I'd be careful which pipes you put on your bike. California has more strict laws than EPA when it comes to emissions. Check on that before you change your pipes.
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    First of all; a big old Howdy to ya and welcome...The Deluxe is a very very cool looking bike...may I ask why your considering it?...The reason I'm asking is because most of the folks around here that buy the Deluxe are below 5'8" tall....and the deluxe seems to have be produced for that reasons...with the extras your wanting to add....as many has already said it... you'll have a pretty good size investment..Have you ridden the Deluxe...has a fantastic center of balance coz its close to the ground...you know probably you can lower any bike...I'm sure you know that...Have you ridden one yet...we all have so many different opinions here as am sure you will find out...we all have different rides as well and we all have different why...so Dude ya come to the right place for absolute total confusion...lol ..Any way Welcome :D
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    Thanks, guys, for the feedback.

    I realize I pretty much described a Heritage with my wish list and that the value would be in that bike, BUT, I can't get past the looks of the Deluxe (and the fit, me topping out just under 68"). I cleared the agonizing decision between the two and it wasn't easy! :wall Since Harley doesn't offer a Heriluxe I must create it myself.

    Ozoneman - good point. California is always a whole different set of ever-changing hoops that must be considered.

    I'll certainly check into the warranty and all it's fine print before the deed.

    I sure appreciate the help.