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    Hi Guys I am an 85 year young rider. I took 30 years oof , and now I am back. I rode a Henderson 4 back in 1941,aHD 45 in 49 a Hydro-glide 74 in 50 and built a 68 stoker in 51, which I turned 126.46 in the 1/4 at Santa Ana drag and 144 in the mile. which stood for 3 whole Week's.. Along came Korea War and I had to give up riding for awhile. Anyways in 2012 I got off of the couch and bought a Sportster Custom XL1200--- a 74. It is coming back to me slowly but I will ride the wind maybe not as fast but nearly as good. Can any one tell me what is a good battery tender? What do you think about the Riveara Pro Clutch and the Jagg oil coolers. That's what I am thinking about installing on the Sporty. I have a bad leg so I put on the Legs-up landing gear, I was a little concerned about my stability, but now i don't need it. Things came back better than I thougt they would. Don621 WWII and Korea:) Vet.
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    Well welcome to the forum and thanks for your service! Keep riding it gives me something to look forward to - 85 years, WOW!:small3d022:I salute you.
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    TC Bank- Dream Rangers - YouTube

    Welcome!!!!!! Your the man Dons621! When I saw this video last night it made me think of you. Very proud of you and I hope you enjoy seeing this!
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    Also hope I'm not in trouble with Tank for putting it on here. I do read the rules but at times I have trouble with their application:D.
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    Thanks Tank! I think Dons is a fine addition too.
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    Welcome to The Forum, Thank you for your service. That is quite a resume indeed. As far as your questions go if you post them in the Sporster section you will get more responses
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    welcome back , it is nice to see some fresh blood , but with much wisdom behind it :)
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    Welcome from Central Florida!

    Cant help with the pro clutch.
    Lots of info here on Jagg oil coolers, good choice.
    A good battery tender below at a good price.

    Battery Tender Junior Charger
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    welcome to the forum, as mentioned a VERY IMPRESSIVE resume. i am helping my parents right now with a fire they had in there home both are 83. i said while they are rebuilding buy a bike and go on a trip...mom said "hmm good idea but i think we need a trike" wish they would, but they won't. enjoy and you give the rest us of the steam to carry on...:ap:ap:ap and from my heart thank you for all you have done...