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A sighn?

Harley K.

Well i was suppose to accept delivery this weekend of my new FLSTC and found out the throttle cable is bad. Dealer has to order another, i would have thought a throttle cable would be normal on hand parts but i guess not. I hope this isnt a sighn of things to come:2:
Re: A sign?

Yepp. I know what that feels like. Mine took an extra month to arrive.
The only thing I found is that at first the trill wears of a little while your waiting but it comes back full force when the bike is finally yours to fondle.
Have patience and just think that it would be worse if you had it and then after a week or so it needed to go back to the dealer.
thanks for the words of encouragement, however yesterday they called and said she was ready to go so a freind of mine and my wife went and picked her up and brought it home:) 8 more days left on my deployment and ill be home to live the moment i have been waiting for my whole life:D

It must be a Harley Davidson thing.

Mine was also held up for a month I got excuse almost daily until the day it arrived. But like HarleyHarry said, once you get her, it will all be forgotten:D

Oh it will be so much worth the wait. I am so envious thinking how you will feel when you first climb aboard and pull away, yippee Ki Yay.:s

I have an 07 FLSTC and Good things are worth waiting for! One word though, Don,t worry about the 1st and 5th gear whine its normal, those gears are straight. 2nd,3rd 4th and 6th are helic ,
OK, YEA, im in love!!!! the bike is amazing to say the least! it is even better than i could have imagined it:D im havin a blast on it! i do have a quick question for ya ezcruz. i want to remove the sissy bar and for the life of me cant figure out how the heck to get to the back of the hardware on the inside of the fender? is it a torqs fastner? I took a bag off and got to the stud but im not sure how to get the studs out to remove the sissy bar, as there is very little room between the fender and tire? forgive me im a noob and didnt want to mess anything up until i go the straight skinny. any help would be greatly appreciated:s