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A good web site for bike videos


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G'day all,

I love bike videos!
The following link has some exciting video (as well as good stills) including crashes & tank cam etc. Check it out & let me know what is your favorite clip. I love watching the maniacs on Jap sports bikes tearing up the bitumen...:eek:

I'll agree it's a good site with alot of content. That's true.

Watched quite a few of these vids, and all I can say is...

the one's that were riding in abandoned parking lots or out on the trails... go for it.. do as ya please.

the one's tearing it up on the pubic roads though, especially in and around traffic (some weaving in and out of other cars lanes)... I'm sorry, but that's just plain DUMB. Not only a risk to themselves, but to the other drivers. Just because cagers have to be stupid and not watch out for us most of the time, is it any smarter to TRY to be a target? Stain's waiting to happen. And when (and if) they finally wake up in the ER... I can hear it now "I wasn't doing nuthin!"

Call me old fuddy duddy, but those sorts of shenanigans just makes a bad name for the rest of the riding crowd that are enjoying themselves responsibly.
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