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A coupled of problems


Ok, I just bought a 97 Dyna superglide. It has an S&S superstock engine and an S&S super g shorty carb. How do I find the engine size? Will the numbers on the engine tell me anything? Also, It has a new battery and what looks to be a new starter, but the starter drags before finally starting right. The engine seems to have a lot of compression, could this be the problem? By the way, what a great site. I'm looking forward to looking up all I can!!!!:hii
I ran the numbers down and it is a 107ci , 1750cc S&S superstock engine with 4x4.25 stroke and 9.6:1 compression. Are S&S reliable engines? this thing has a lot of torque. It is'nt that I wanted a fast harley, but for the price, I could'nt say no ( $5000 ) with 10600mi. This is my first harley and I want to get things right> I will down load pics soon!!

P.S. I bought this from a church auction.
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S&S is one of the best engines used. They are reliable and usually have larger than stock configurations.