A Brotherhood? YES!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by probertory, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Today was a sunny day in the mid 40's and I decided this was the perect day to take the bike to fill er up. I didnt get a chance to fill it up after the last ride and the last two weeks had long days at work and bad weather. I figured I could make it the 4-5 miles to the local gas station ... not! The bike shut down on a divided hghwy (i was then wishing I had the carborated model) about 1.5 miles into the ride. I called the wife to put the gas cans in the car and come meet me. It was about 20 mins until she arrived. In that time, 3 cars stopped to ask if I needed help. One stayed for about 5 mins just chatting, offered me a ride back to home or the gas station, even offered to leave his old lady to watch the bike while he took me where I wanted to go.

    Long story short - I did fill it up from the gas can the wife brought and got to the gas station with no issues.

    I do appriciate that people stop and wont hesitate to lend a helping hand to a fellow biker. Ride Safe
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    It's a great thing to see that people still care enough to stop.
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    I had a flat tire on a county road a couple of years ago and the number of people that stopped and offered help amazed me. I had the cell phone and had called my son to come out but had I not been able to help myself, I would have had plenty of good people looking after me. And it wasn't any particular age or type of person, it seemed like everybody that went by stopped and asked if I needed something. Kinda puts the faith back in your fellow man.

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    Sounds like good friendly motorists out there in the midwest...
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    It's a proven fact that people, whether in a car or bike, will stop much more often for a motorcyclist on the side of the road then they will another car.

    My T3 Chief stopped running coming home from a ralley. I pulled the side covers and found a bare wire. I rewrapped that, but still couldn't get ignition. I looked forwever, and was overlooking something. A gnarled old graybeard stopped his truck and came over. He found a fuse that I just kept missing. He even had the replacement fuse in his truck. In five minutes I was back on the road.

    As far as a brotherhood goes, I don't know, but there are still people willing to stop and help.

    2 blackbelts
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    It is nice to know that some people still care. I stop to help people whenever I safely can.
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    I try to help when i can, it seems to come back to you when you need it most.
  8. R. Lewis

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    This is good to hear that there are a few left in Johnson Co. Ks. that WILL stop for ya!!!