A Biketoberfest To Remember!

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    Got back from Daytona about 7:30 last night and boy do I feel wrung out! Left the house Wednesday afternoon and rode in a continuous drizzle down to Peachtree City. Got to work on my evasive maneuvers and horn blowing technique since Atlanta drivers are idiots to begin with and they just get worse in the rain. Joined up with Maysflyboy and pulled out Thursday morning. Skies looked threatening but our rain suits kept the rain away until Lake City. Then we got to ride in pouring rain, light hail, and no visibility for about 20 minutes - NOT FUN!!! Glasses kept fogging up, emergency flashers on, death grip on the bars, etc. Some light rain later in the day but nothing like that.

    Biketoberfest itself was a blast but we got way too much practice at our slow riding getting caught in 30 minute "parades" also known as traffic jams.

    Cold front came through Saturday night and took away all threat of rain for the ride home but it was really windy and the temperature had dropped into the 40's by the time I pulled into my garage. All in all, I'm still glad we rode instead of trailering and gained some valuable experience.

    I should add that our wives drove down separately on 4 wheels but didn't once want to get the car out while we were there. They were real troopers and might even be becoming true "biker mama's!" While eating breakfast with Lancer and his wife and son, they even started talking about getting their motorcycle endorsements and learning to ride themselves. Lancers wife was a real inspiration to them!