99hp 98fttq on the cheap

Friend of mine just got his bike engine (05 TC88 FLHUC)built and tuned, He already had all the normal bolt-ons (air-cleaner SE, pipe Rinehart true duels, SERT) which made 78hp and 80tq.
He had a local Indy, bore his cylinders to 95ci and fit KB flat top 9.25/1 pistons $250, Andrews 37G cams & install $350, SE adj. push-rods $100, Street port heads with new Manley valves and springs $350, Comtec gaskets and assembly with Dyno tune $400 broke in ready to ride $1450
99hp and 98tq on regular 87 no go gas!
That's a great increase for the money. Hard to beat that, bet it would run better without the true duals, they rob low end tq.
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i think he should have gone with a 26G cam, lose some HP gain some TQ. But he's thrilled. Cheep build that would be even cheaper in a TC96. Just do the heads and cam, should make over 100TQ and at least 95+HP.
Only problem with doing up the 96 is the crank not being up to the task. There have been a few that scissored out of spec already with the runout eating up the oil pumps and cam plate. I'll stay with the stock 96 and just enjoy it as is.