99B Lifters Are Now 99C

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Extreme Modification' started by dolt, May 27, 2011.

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    Update on the "B" lifters. In another lifter thread back in May, I posted and made reference to some quality issues that were showing up in the "B" lifters. PN has changed from 18538-99B to -99C. Now made in Mexico, axle feels loose and pushrod seat has changed. IMHO, some of the last "B" lifters that were delivered were the "C" lifters, made in Mexico and the process of the PN change is just catching up to the manufacturing change. Another brilliant move by the H-D bean counters.

    A couple of pics of some "B" lifters that were purchased back in April.

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    Hmmmmmm. Makes me wonder about the Screamin' Eagle tappets.
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    I know this was an old thread but I'll add an additional comment on it. Replaced a customers cams, etc along with the new 99C lifters. The Cs were loud and leaked down after a few nights of sitting. Customer was less then impressed so I ordered up a set of AMS Johnson Hy-Lifts and installed them yesterday. Customer just left my shop with a huge smile on his face after a short test drive. Lets just say that I won't ever buy another set of 99Cs.
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    I just purchased two 18538-99C lifters to replace noisey lifters on the front cylinder of my 2007 FLSTC. During installation, I noted that the oil hole on these new lifters was oriented in parallel to the roller (in otherwords the lifter cannot be installed with the oil hole facing the inward side of the cranckcase).

    The oil hole on the lifter is 90 degrees off. Local Harley dealer cannot explain nor do they have any tech bulletins regarding a change to the installation instructions in the repair manual. Every 99C lifter in their inventory is of the same orientation - incorrect.

    I am obviously not going to install these lifters. Does anyone know of any changes from the MOCO that addresses this issue?
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    Actually, the oil hole orientation doesn't matter. I have installed "B" lifters with the oil holes oreinted inward and outward with no issues. The oil galley in the lifter bore will fill with oil regardless of oil hole orientation.

    The oil hole orientation is not the issue with the "C" lifters; quality control is the issue. Best "value" lifters, IMHO, for the TCs are the Comp Cams 850-1.