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  1. BikeSAG

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    My son is looking to sell his 2005 Roadster to upsize to a Roadking. Looking at a 1998, 95th aniversaryy model with 43000 miles, $7500.

    I'd be interested on any thoughts or experiences with the quality of this year of bike and any concerns to look for with this mileage.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. glider

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    The price isn't bad and it's an EVO engine. Check the base gaskets on the cylinders for any leakage. It's also the Morelli fuel injection wasn't as good as the later Delphi but I had one and had no problems with it. They are a bit more user friendly as far as adjustments than the Delphi units anyway.

    Try to get any service records that were don on the bike.

    It's got the Bassani power curve pipes from the looks of it and some other extras. Always ask if the seller has the original equipment taken off for upgrades.
  3. BikeSAG

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    Thanks Glider. You are correct on the exhaust and it has a power commander.

    So an EVO engine is good?!

    Anything like cam chain tensioners that might be good to know about?
  4. HDDon

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    The EVO is a single cam that is gear driven.
  5. Redfish-Joe

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    Just give her a chance to warm up good before you jump on and hammer on her.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Evo motors are good, let them warm up good, check and clean over head tappet screen and ride, Biggest problem with Evo motors were base gasket rear head gasket and rocker box gasket leaks. Could avoid alot of these leaks by warming motor up till you can feel heat on rocker covers before riding:s