98 fxdl-key switch or startor/stator

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  1. flyin64

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    i thought i saw some posts just like my issue but they went a different direction. if there is a self help or elect forum post please send em my way

    98 dyna low rider
    new startor-3 yrs ago
    new battery this year
    new plugs, wires this season

    turn key
    press start switch
    press ignition switch
    sluggish startor but she fired-took it for a 45 min ride
    parked her and have full charge on battery
    repeat above and heard half a "click" and then nothing
    tried it all again and got zippo from the ignition
    no lights, even at key switch

    a few days ago i noticed that when the key was on the odometer disply was slow in appearing but lights came on immediately

    look forward to replies - stay safe all

  2. glider

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    You may want o remove the battery terminals and clean and reinstall them , neg off first and on last. Remember there are two ends to both cables.

    If not that then check the cables themselves for resistance.

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    Also check the ignition switch connections for any corrosion.
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  3. Jack Klarich

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    What The Boss said and add some dilectric grease to all electrical connections especially under the rubber boot at the starter cable:s
  4. flyin64

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    thanks for the suggestion-i will check it out.
  5. sgmfisher

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    Just because it is a new battery doesn't mean it is good. I would check my new battery first. That is the easiest thing to do. In the wind.

  6. blueglide

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    Thats a good point. I once had 2 bad new batteries in a row-it drove me crazy at the time as I believed the batteries must be good each time.
    The second bad one had an almost invisible crack around one of the terminals.