98' ElectraGlide Ultra Classic Flhtcui Driving me CRAZY!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SlingersHD, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. SlingersHD

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    I hope some one can help me out here, Im running out of ideas and options! 3 Weeks ago i road my 98' FLHTCUI to work at @ 7a.m. got off at 4p.m. and it would not start, I got a ride home figured i would take my manual and check it out the next day. 7a.m. the next morning got to work and it fired right up rode about 400 miles labor day week end and the next week it done it again turns over fine, good charge in battery, changed plugs cleaned all connections and fuses, still would not start, until the next morning when i got to work at 7a.m. and it fired right up! it road great the rest of the week and all week end, probably 300 miles or so, then yesterday road into work at 7a.m. got off at 4p.m. and it would not start again! messed with it for about an hour and gave up. went to work this morning and started right up and i road it home tonight. Ive tried checking the codes but since it runs fine when running there are no codes to read. ive looked at the cam sensor, dosnt appear to be bad, guess the ignition coil is ok or it wouldnt be firing. i here the fuel pump ingaging each time i turn it on. fuses and connections look good. I cant find anyone who has ever heard of such a crazy thing like this! Please help!!!!
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    Just a guess but I would check the ignition switch and the run/stop. Either one can give intermittent problems.
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    Am I reading correctly, that every time it does not start, it has been sitting at work? It is puzzling that you can ride it so far, and many start cycles, then it just won't. If it always spins over, try squirting some starting fluid in the air filter. If it does NOT fire, it's in the crank position sensor/coil/plugs or ign. switch. If it DOES fire, but won't run, it's injection related.
    Please post back, I'm interested in knowing what this problem is.
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    I am sorry about your problem but your bike seems to really like your place of work! Very odd, mine hates it.

    Breeze has got you covered for a start on figuring out which system.
  5. Hoople

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    Don't understand what 'tried' means. You tried but couldn't get the ECM to stream? The bike running good at times has nothing to do with logging or storing codes. On that model year it's not easy to get the ECM to stream codes. Do you have the procedure?

    Get a known good spare spark plug and set the gap to .060" or larger. Carry this test plug with you. When the bike cranks but fails to start, immediately remove one plug wire and clip it to your test plug. Place the body of the test plug against a cylinder fin and crank the engine. Do you have spark while cranking.
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    i would do this. happened to a car of mine and thats how i figured it out.
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    Be very VERY careful doing this! If you spray starting fluid directly into the air cleaner housing and it saturates the air filter, then the motor backfires you have a SERIOUS issue, as in one heckova fire up the side of your fuel tank. Also, if you get enough starting fluid in there and it fires out of time, you could just about lift the heads right off the engine. As you can probably figure out, I am not a real big fan of starting fluid. I've seen it destroy engines if improperly used. Not saying don't use it... just be VERY careful.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    I am thinning a fuel pressure test is is order here, after spraying some gas in the throat of the intake if it runs you could be loosing fuel pressure prime, I do not like starting fluid as it is to volatile IMO, and can cause either lock as well Be care ful and do this out doors with fire protection handy
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    Thursday ight after work the bike started fine, I got about a block away from work and it died! It refired immediately and I road on, I got about a nile from my house and it died again, this time it would not start back for a while, about 15 mins., then it started and i made it home. I figured surely since it done this while running it would have a code and it did! code 56, Cam shaft sensor timing error?