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97 fatboy starter


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my starter engages, spins and unscrews the jackshaft bolt.
I have replaced the bendix gear and the starter clutch pack. What am i missing?
Could be missing the lock tab on the bolt.

I wish. There are 2 tabs on that washer. 1st one goes through the cut out in the thrust washer and locks into the channel on the jack shaft. (that one looks bent) 2nd one locks the jack shaft bolt head (the one on the end) that one looks good. I bought a new washer (didnt help)
if you look at the diahgram you see the first tab clearly, but the 2nd tab is only a couple of lines since you only bend that after you buy and install it.
But I do apprecieate the response.
I am having the same problem with a customers trike. I see that this post is a couple months old. Has a solution been found? I've called some mechanic friends as well as Compu-Fire and All-Balls, and nobody seems to have ever heard of this before. Please help.
I'd have to say something that doesn't look appearant here. Is it the correct starter and has it been rebuilt (maybe improperly), does the engine start and is it turning in the right direction (the starter) Is the battery the correct one for the bike and not reversed terminals? Got to be a reason!
My application is a new starter from Drag Specialties. It has a lifetime warranty, and I've already sent it back once. When I press the start button, it spins the correct direction (clockwise), but then it just spits the bolt back out at me. The battery is correct, charged, and properly connected. I sent a PM to falcon 125, but haven't received a reply yet. Would be great to know if he resolved his problem. Thanks for looking, please post ANY ideas, as I have exhausted all of mine,save for replacing the starter again.
I'm having the same problem with my 2004 ElectraGlide. It worked fine until I had to remove the jack shaft to get the inner primary cover off. Now its doing the same thing as Falcon125's starter. I'm goin' nuts trying to figure this out. Any suggestions?
Does it have the same bolt as before? They changed the threads on the starters. Did the starter come with a new bolt for the jackshaft? Did you use any loctite on the bolt? I know it haas a lock tab but loctite never hurts