97 Fatboy Primary Bolt Covers

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    This is a new bike to me, bought a couple of months ago out of storage. Low mileage, about 8K now and runs like a Harley should. Not a scratch or ding, new fluids went in as well as a general going over and bolt tightening, etc.

    The bad news! I've put about 12 hundred miles on, including the Dragon which is in my back yard. I got stranded in the Ocoee River Gorge today (with my chic) with a dead battery and no luck with multiple roll-off attempts. My suspicions of a bad stator were confirmed after testing per Clymer and the excellent Self Help on the forum, which was actually simpler than some of the procedures in Clymer...with the same result. Stator ohms out fine, but output is low. And only 12 volts from the VR at the battery with the engine running, once I got it home and battery recharged.

    So I'm looking at pulling the primary cover, rotor and stator :newsmile08:. The primary cover bolts have some very cool covers, that appear to be chrome-plated plastic.

    How are these removed...and are they reusable???
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    Would removing battery and bench testing be first line of attack???? If battery is sulfated or a cell shorted charging system will not operate properly.
    When you are saying only 12v output while running is that at idle or 2,000 RPM ??
    Post a picture of primary cover and you will probably get some good advice on how to remove covers on bolts.
    You may find that after battery is load tested it may be just the battery.
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    The covers you metioned are most likely just what you said "Chrome plated plastic". There are a few different companies that make them so it's hard to say which ones you have. Most of them that I have seen are held on by adhesive. You will have to GENTLY pry them off and glue them back on when you are done. You should be able to get the adhesive from a dealer. From what I have seen they look nice but are kindof a pain to deal with.
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    +1 on Dswartz's reply. I have "Hottoppers" brand on my bike, and just pushed them on with no adhesive. They come off with CAREFUL prying with a small screwdriver. If they had a dab of silicon applied underneath they can be difficult to remove without ruining. Like Dbmg suggested, do a full load test and stator output check before taking the primary off.
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    97 Fatboy purchased in May with 6700 miles, that had been stored for at least 2 years.

    Primary bolt covers as DSwartz and Breeze said, they easily pried off.
    Battery checked out perfect under load test.
    Stator putting out 5.2 VAC at high RPM, per Self Help Testing.
    Regulator backfeeding 0.4 Volts through both pins, per Self Help Testing.
    Rotor in perfect condition...after pulling it!

    Replaced regulator and stator, bought locally at Backstreet Iron in Ranger, NC.
    4.5 hours labor
    $162 total, including parts, torque wrench, and a quart of primary fluid.

    14.4 VAC at the stator idling, 28+ volts at about 3000 RPM
    Steady 14.2 VDC at the battery idling and revved.
    175 miles of smooth sailing today through the SE Tennessee mountains today. All is well in Copperhill, TN!

    Thanks for your input guys. Who came up with this site...Glider? Invaluable info here.
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    You are welcome.....:)
    Glad it all worked out for you. May you have many, trouble free miles ahead of you....
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    I only added a few things to it.:s