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Discussion in 'TFI Settings' started by voganni, Mar 5, 2011.

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    OK, I got my '97 RK back together in early February and have been tuning the TFI for a few hundred miles. I changed the inner cam bearing, installed Andrews EV-13 cam, stage 1 air cleaner, S&S reed breather (works great, no oil carryover whatsoever) and TFI 1040 ST tuner. Stock exhaust. What I've settled on is: green, 2-(pointer-width under 2), yellow-4, red-6, rpm-4. Last tank of gas, going easy on the throttle, 50.4 mpg. This was mixed riding, mostly 4th and 5th 50-60 mph. The green setting was the most critical to get the mileage up. It is leaned to just before it starts to run ragged. I could also notice the exhaust smell was less noxious when I got it where it is now. Still pulls nice when the cam comes on about 3000 rpm, and decent low end torque too. Thanks Dobeck!

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    When I put in my SE255 cams, I needed to turn DOWN on my green pot...
    I was too rich by a tad..... The SMOOOOOOoooooth is there now and so is the POWER...

    Yes TFI and Dobecks and HARLEY go Hand in Hand.. :D

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    I have a 95 FLHTCUI with an Andrews EV 23 cam, K&N Air, and Supertrapp 2 into 1 with 20 disks closed end. My TFI runs best at 4.5 green, 9 yellow, 6 red, and RPM set just below 4. Pulls hard from 2-6K. Mileage is 40 in and around town and 44 on the interstate. Exhaust and plugs are a dark tan. Engine is running about 30 degrees cooler.