96 0r 103 W Hi-output cams

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by propflux01, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. propflux01

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    I have a question regarding a certain type of setup.

    I have a 2009 Ultra, 96" engine. I want to know the feasability of replacing the cam with the H.O Cam for the 2015 103"s. I know the cam is similar to the 255, but slightly milder (easier on the valve train as a whole). Using this cam, would it be worth the upgrade to 103 pistons as well? or would this be a good enough effort in the 96"?

    Also, I have a HD tuner for this bike, the orange one that is "married" to the bike (SERT?). I do not know much about it but I am assuming HD has canned maps for each one of its SE Cams that can be programmed to this orange box, yes? No?

    I was figuring the box could be uploaded with a map of the 255 which would (my guess) be close enough to the new HO cam.

    I know the dyno thing and all that would be the preferable way to handle all this but that would come later in the game.

    So.. Is this idea feasable?
  2. dbmg

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    What are you trying to achieve out of your bike. It appears you have laid the ground work to go from minor to major upgrade. Would you need to consider upgrading drive train with going to a complete 103?
  3. propflux01

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    Just trying to give it alittle more boost, nothing radical. I understand the stroke is the same in the 103 as in the 96", just different pistons. As it stands right now the bike is a stage one 96". Just wondering if I used this cam (I know there are others better, bigger, etc, but not discussing those) would there be a seat of the pants difference in also going 103 as well, or would the difference be negligible vs the work involved ?

    I rode a '15 Limited with this cam and 103" to daytona and liked the powerband alot.
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    The orange box you speak of is the SE tuner, (SERT) would indicate it's the pro race tuner. My suggestion is after you do your mods. have it dynoed to dial in the tuner to the upgrades.
  5. Bodeen

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    My advice is to figure out what you REALLY want to do. If that is to go to 103 then do it all at once. Going part way is more expensive only to do it again..... Ask me how I know! Do your research, pick your bore, pick your cam, talk to some builders who can do the machine work for you. Ask them what they like and do and recommend. Lots of good guy's out there to work with on this that will help tremendously. Don Dorfmann of HD Street Performance (formerly Deweys Heads), Scott Palmer of Hillside Cycles, Kirby Apathy of VeeTwin Racing, Bean at Big Boyz, the list goes on. They all know what they are doing and will be happy to help and answer questions.
  6. propflux01

    propflux01 Active Member

    So do you think I should go with the 103" or stay 96 with this cam?
  7. gusotto

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    With the 96 engine, What I've read on other forums is the 255 works better with the 96 over the 103.
    You can pick up a 255 cam on eBay very reasonably. More of them available than a take-off 2014 cam.
  8. dolt

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    There are no factory "maps" for their cam sets;however, there are aftermarket maps available for the SERT for various motor configurations but none are a substitute for a proper dyno tune. You have the SERT, so build a dyno tune into your budget and forget about maps; a waste of time and the bike will never run as good as it could with a map.

    Ad for cams, the Andrews 48 is probably the best bolt in cam only upgrade for a Stage I 96" motor; install the cam set, tune and you will be riding a different bike.

    Speaking of Stage I, you did not mention whether or not you have completed that upgrade, i.e., replaced the air filter and exhaust with hi-flow components. If you have not done that, don't bother with cams and tuning until you have; another waste of time.

    The 255 cams would work well but they will start to fade above 4000rpms. The Andrews 48 cams will perform almost as well on the low end but will continue making power past 4500rpms. So, if you don't need much power above 4000rpms, the 255 might be just what you need.

    Inner cam bearings should be changed at the same time and if you go with the Andrews 48, you will need adjustable push rods to compensate for the smaller base circle. JMHO but I would replace the OEM pushrods with adjustables regardless of cam choice. If you have more than 25K miles on the motor, replace the valve lifters as well.

    I totally agree with Bodeen, figure out what you want to do and how much money you want to spend before you do anything. You say you "just want a little more boost, nothing radical", the 255 or 48 cams will do that.

    If you want more than a "little more boost" then you are looking at increasing displacement to 103" and that's a whole different story.:hii
  9. propflux01

    propflux01 Active Member

    Thank you for the replies. I have done cam work on my earlier bikes, but not divulged in the bore area yet. I had liked the way the '15 had its powerband and wanted to reproduce it if it was feasible.
  10. BUBBIE

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    You can get some FUN out of going SE255's in a 96" bike. I did for a long time...


    Went to 103, Used .030 head gaskets, head work by (Don Dorfman in Wa.) and installed PR's, new SE255 AND new Bearings, kept my V&H slip-ons and SE air,
    used the same SE slender Taper adjustable PRods...

    SEPT tuner, doing my own Tuning with PC and HD's Tuning Program.

    I'd suggest you get a Dyno Tune when COMPLETELY done with the build of your choice..
    You have a GREAT SE tuner and just need someone to do a Proper Tune.

    Now you could go 107" and use a multitude of different cams,,,, but save that for another Build later on...:newsmile01:

    You can't do better adding Power than Adding Cubic Inches... Cams are JUST to get that CU IN working the way you want to ride the bike.:small3d026: