95ci on an 04' ultraclassic injected

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  1. Geeserglider

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    I traded my 99 Heritage for an 04 ultra back in july; The bike had 27000 miles on the odometer, My question is ;The breather has a 95ci medallion on it,what engine mods would have to have been done to make this a true 95ci?
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    I'm guessing just "jugs and slugs" (pistons and cylinders)......

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    The medallion Means Nothing more than it is on the bike.

    It may have come with 95" OR
    If the previous owner did the 95" like The4opps1 mentioned above, Yes that is making it a 95" bike..
    Who did the work on the bike, can you check with the (assume dealer) you bought it from and do they have a record on the bike?? or did the pre-owner do it himself??

    88 cu" to 95cu " is the Normal upgrade for about 7 cu. in. of More piston size..
    Lots of makes of Pistons and compression ratios COULD have been used.. You won't know IF ANY just by the medallion....

    Does it get up and go as to compared to you old bike?

    food for thought....

  4. Geeserglider

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    Bike does run pretty strong but hard to compare to my Heritage since I did have edelbrock heads and jasper pistons and bored jugs on it and also a .600 lift cam. I traded with a local dealer but they never even gave me any details of the motor at all. kinda new to the twin cam motors, the bike does not have the bread box breather but has a K&N filter and true dual exhaust

    Hoping you're right and that the previous owner was'nt just a medallion adding freak
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