95 BB 510g motor question

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by eds06roadglide, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. eds06roadglide

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    I'm new to the harley family(sence 08) and I have a probably common question. I have recently done the 95"BB kit stage 1 and pc111. I'm about to install S&S 510g cams(kit) along with adjustable SE pushrods. The indy I'm going to is telling me I need not spend the money on a new cam plate,lifters or oil pump. Just confused everywhere I read says I have to do this. Don't want to spend the money(of coarse) but don't want screw up either by being cheap. I have always had street bikes and like to gun it around town as well as on the freeways is there anything else I should be adding to this build plan? Thanks in advance your Ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    IMO,i would do it all for peace of mind:s
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    I installed an AMS 96" BB myself on my 2004 Ultra Nov 2007 and about 26,000 mi ago. (I missed all of last year riding because of knee surgery.)

    I took AMS's advice, used an AMS 96" Piston and Cylinder Kit, AMS heads, AMS lifters, and Andrews 26G cams. I reused the Harley stock pushrods. I got the proper tools from George's Garage or Jim's, took my time, aligned and torqued everything properly, and sighed when the engine did not explode on the dyno machine. :)

    My engine still runs as strong as ever.
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    The updated oil pump/cam plate from what I've been told is the way to go - 8% better oil pressure and 22% better scavenging plus you don't have to worry about the old style cam tensioners - it uses hydraulic tensioners, this is the same setup as the newer2007 and up models use/the kit retails for $430.00