94 1200 sportster carb problem

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by grendal, Aug 4, 2012.

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    i bought a 94 sportster a couple of months ago and noticed at first that i had almost no reserve in my tank when i ran it down,later it started stalling and running rough like it was starving for fuel ,checked fuel to the carb , it was getting plenty , finally i took off the carb to check the float level and found that the vacuum control hose was disconnected from the back of the carb , so i set the float level ,reattached the hose and tested the bike out...it ran like new , now im running it in hopes that the reserve will work when it gets low ! hope my solution to my problem helps some one in the future ! thanks
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    The reserve is controlled by the fuel tap as there are 2 inlets on it the main position draws the fuel through the stalk and the reserve is from the base of the fuel tap so if there is very little reserve then perhaps a problem with the fuel tap
    Bike also needs to be upright as the fuel tap on the 94 is on the right side and if on the side stand the fuel in the tank will have sloshed to the left side of the tank
    if the fuel tap filter screen is dirty it can act as a tube and syphon fuel from a lower level of the tank into the top of the fuel tap stalk and out through the normal position on the tap so perhaps a good clean of the filter screen is required
    Bear in mind that the peanut tank on the 94 sportster has about a 70 mile range with about 7 miles reserve


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    Glad you found the problem...Brian has you covered. The thing is that vacuum operated petcock is a safety feature...and adding a level of "complication" to the fueling system is a "necessary evil". Personally I like it, I have worn out a "fair" amount of the "regular" fuel petcock internals "waggling them on and off"...having it vacuum operated automatically saves a lot of wear and tear on it or the dreaded "gravity flooding issues" for those who forget to turn it "OFF" when storing for a month or two...!

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    Good above post From the ones who know......:s

    I had a peanut tank on my 05 sport. Once syphoning out som of my fuel for a lawnmower, I Must Have Bumped off the plastic line that served as the set for reserve off the Main fuel in-jester valve.

    Out one day for a ride, Knowing I was close to 87 miles and Knowing I had Yet to turn ON my reserve,,,,,, THINKING WOW, I sure am getting good mileage out of this Tank of Gas. THEN Sputter...

    Later inspection showed I had bumped off the high tube and ALL fuel was gone. Gas station 5 miles away and Up Hill...

    Careful you have a Litttle fuel close by OR a credit card hose when you try finding tat reserve's spot... You Might get MY surprise.:small3d031:

    They say walking is good for you but Not when pushing a Bike.:(