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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by ridemywg, Dec 20, 2009.

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    I have an 89 FLHTP and its in desperate need of a sound overhaul.I have a few questions if I can get some experienced input. First off after extensive reading it would appear that Hog Tune speakers are pretty much on the higher end compared to stock HD or other aftermarket speakers,true? On the stereo end I'm wandering what is the differnce between say a stereo that says its for an 88-95 compred to others of not those years , like will it not fit perhaps? The buttons on the old cop bike handlebars near as I can tell were never used for stereo neither do I know which would be the standard buttons so there not a real concern. As for stereo itself I'm thinking harley probably did make a good quality radio unit but as I said slacked off on speakers, so would the Harmon/Kardon so would the Harmon/Kardon be a better choice over the Sony that Biketronics sells?
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    I just did the 6 speaker upgrade with amp from Hogtunes , big difference and Pez is extremely helpful and honest to what his products will fit , just send them an email and ask.. Hogtunes Inc.
    Good luck