89 FLHTCU should the lights come when on ignition switch

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dvndogbagger, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. dvndogbagger

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    Still haveing starter issues, new starter, new reg, new relay, and new battery. But at start up still getting click of death. If I take plunger cover off and push in still it clicks bike will fire up on its on with the switch. But this only lasts a few starts and then it seems the plunger stays out too far to pick up. The only thin I notices is on another post a guy had a similar problem and noticed that his lights came on when he is in the ignition position. I have the same issue and I am wandering if this is sucking up the voltage to the starter solenoid??
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    Hate to state the obvious, but I assume you have already removed both ends of both battery cables, wirebrushed them and reinstalled, right? If yes, then you may need to check the resistance on the cable when cranking. Could be the cable(s).

    Testing Battery Cables - Harley Davidson Community

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    Main circuit breaker's are cheap and do get dirty contacts.(22 year old bike) I would think about looking there. JMHO
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    If you have a wire diagram for your bike it seems to me on the ignition switch you can clip the yellow wire and the lights will not come on in crank mode
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    Are the main breakers under the batwing? And I do not have the wiring diagram for this bike any downloads out there? Does this bike from the factory come with the lights firing up in the ignitions mode?

    Also would napa have these breakers or is it a HD item?

    Thanks Guys:small3d028:
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Your bike is wired from the factory for the lights to be on when the ignition is in crank mode unless you clip the yellow wire on the ignition switch. I think the breakers are behind the side cover hope this helps
  7. dvndogbagger

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    Thanks Jack
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    I thought that 93 was the first year that the lights came on with the ignition switch just because my 92 has a separate switch position for the lights so i start with the lights off
    my 93 has the lights on with ignition switch
    however i could have it all wrong as my 92 is a international model and my 93 was a special import of a us model