88Ci Streetbob vs 96Ci Fatbob 0-60

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    Me and a buddy of mine got tempted into the "who's quickest" friendly gentlemen's drag race on last weeks' ride.

    Since there was little traffic we decided to go for 60mph in a hurry.

    0-60 mph Harley Davidson StreetBob vs FatBob - YouTube

    I'm the one filming on the (Winning) Streetbob, even though I'm riding a 88ci bike compared to the 96ci fatbob.

    Performance mods done to the streetbob:
    - High flow Air intake + Screamin' eagle filter.
    - Vance&Hines Shortshots with Quiet baffles and some extra fiberglass wrapping to keep the noise down and the back pressure up
    - Screamin' Eagle race tuner with adjusted maps
    - Some great suspension from Wilbers
    - EBC H-H brake pads+disks

    I was told the fatbob also should have a stage1 (Thunderheader pipes+Race tuner) but I can't tell for sure since it isn't my bike to begin with.