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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by doctor727, Nov 6, 2012.

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    My friend just bought an '88 883 Sportster. He wants to know how much oil he needs for a complete change and should he go to Synthetic? I told him yes on the synthetic but can't answer the capacity question. I appeal to your knowledge for the answer. :newsmile040:

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    The "quick" answer...3 Quarts...(have 1 for reserve, but generally not needed). But I NEVER just dump it in...! I always fill the oil filter 3/4 full rotating it so the element is all wet, fill to 1/2...spinning it on quickly after. I also don't trust "just" filling up either in case there is "leak down" from the oil tank or excess oil in the bowels of the engine. I put in 2 quarts and then start the engine and run for a minute, to make sure all excess oil is out of the dry sump. Then I fill to the lower part of the dip stick (not full) in my case with the jiffy stand down on level ground. Of course you should always have a owners manual (minimum) or the service manual to be sure so you can read the dip stick level properly (some years had the level check with the bike up), so check to be sure.
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    Thanks NEWHD74FAN. This gives me somewhere to start. I don't think he got a manual, so I need to find him one.
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    NEWHD74FAN has you covered for the motor oil. You said for a Complete change, you also need 1 qt. of SportLube, or equivalent, for the Primary/Tranny. That,the primary & tranny,are one unit.Unlike the Big Twins which are separate units.
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    As tourbox said a fit for purpose fluid for the tyranny i am pretty sure for the 4 speed box you will require 38 fluid ounces
    At the rear of the primary cover there is a level plug with the bike upright put about the correct amount of oil in the primary with the plug removed top up a wee bit at a time till oil comes out the level plug and you are at the correct level
    On the older evo bikes i am still using a good quality dino oil it is what the engine was designed to use