84 FXRP Oil tank plug?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by Grimsawyer, Aug 24, 2014.

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    So I'm going about changing the oil on my bike and can't seem to find the oil drain hose. My buddy and I searched for about 30 min scratching our heads...... Noticed a plug on the oil tank........... 7/8" socket and nothing.... Tank is dry. Bike sat for 6 years. Wasn't drained when parked. Is all the oil sumped? What do I do? There is no sump plug... do I dare pull the plugs and kick the engine over to fill the tank up THEN pull the oil plug? (pulled the plugs and poured in 2 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil in a week and a half ago)Do I just replace the oil filter and load up the oil system with 3 more quarts of oil? I hear that the engine will puke out what it doesn't need...

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    I can't explain why there's no oil in your tank, but I wouldn't let it bother you too much. Just put the oil in and do all the things mentioned in your earlier post. If there's too much oil in your crankcase, it will come out when you crank it over with ignition system disconnected. Gasket and seals can deteriorate when sitting and you may find the need to replace and repair many things... oil pump rebuild or upgrade might be high on the list. Your motor isn't seized so I would just keep moving forward.
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    How 'bout that. Asks a question, then goes on Vacation!:p
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    Pull your spark plugs out. Crank over the engine and see if oil starts to return to the tank. Try not to crank it more than about 30 sec. at a time. Let the starter cool and re-crank. To much crank time and you will toast your starter. Place a catch pan under the motor for the oil that is puked out from the breather. You should see a tube hanging down from between the motor & oil pump, that's where it will puke from. Once you see oil returning to the tank replace the plugs and start it. Watch your tank level, once it seems no more oil to recover then shut the bike off.
    Do Not put oil in first. This would overfill the tank once it starts to recover from the engine case. Really Messy. Then drain the oil and change it and the filter.
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    Hopefully there will be lots of info for him to read when he comes back in a week!
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    I did that once and was gone for months.:newsmile100:
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    The beautiful thing is, we all have the capacity to change and adapt!