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  1. TimBeeker

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    Hi all, new here.

    I just bought an 81 shovelhead superglide about amonth ago. It had been sitting since 2000. Anyway I got it running and have put about 150 miles on her.
    I need a new distributor cap, the rear is not firing. It has a Stinger brand cap in place of the stock points cover. From what I have found on the net the manufacturer may be out of bussiness.
    I am looking for the cap and rotor, I am going through a divorce and don't have much spending money yet for a whole new ignition setup.

    My question is, does anyone know where I can find the stuff?

    I will try to post a pic but have not done it before so bear with me.


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  2. softailsteve

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    welcom aboard you might be surprised try ebay or craigslist good luck bro
  3. TimBeeker

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    I am putting it back to stock ignition for now.

    I have had no luck finding the parts for the aftermarket setup.
  4. silentflyer

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    Was the Harley the cause of the divorce??? They are like a mistress....expensive ,and will hurt you badley if you are careless with them......
  5. TimBeeker

    TimBeeker Member

    Nope, got rid of the wife after 15 yrs. got the harley 6 mos. later. Darn good trade, Cost me $20,000 to git rid of her and $1,800 for the bike. Thats the best $21,800 I ever spent.

    Got her runnin good last night went for an hour ride, great but cold 35 deg. out of the wind. 2.00am.

    Thanks for the replies,
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  6. The Don

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    Hi TimBeeker,
    Had an 81FXEF, ran the stinger setup for about 2 years, like yours it stopped firing on one cylinder. By then the company was out of business and spares were not available. I too went back to stock until I got a Dyna S setup on her. save your money and go for the Dyna S (uses the stock advance weights) or the Crane HI-4 (its fully electronic and you can kick start it unlike the Dyna 2000i which is Electric start only).
    A few years ago I made a PDF file from a series of articles in Easyriders Magazine, It was about keeping Shovels alive. I've uploaded it to drop.io as its about 25mb. If you are interested in reading or downloading it the address for it is drop.io/1979fxs.
    The Don

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  7. wildspirit97

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    don't google it, just put it in the address bar
    drop.io 1979fxs
  8. TQuentin1

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    Going back to stock is a fairly safe option as you can probably get the parts from HD or one of the after market makers. On the ignition, the new electronic ignitions that will accommodate a kick start may suit you better by eliminating some of the mechanical parts.

    With a bike that has sat that long, I am sure you changed all the lubricating fluids. Don't be tentative on going with the full synthetics at least for engine. Since the bike has sat that long, I would advise an early oil and filter change on the engine.

    I would also suggest dumping the fuel tank, swishing the inside with alcohol and refilling with clean new gas. Also drop the float bowl on the carb and get any accumulated gunk out of that. Some careful application of carb cleaner spray may clean off any gummed on residue.

    Run her gently for the first few hundred miles like you were breaking in new stuff. After your next lubricant changes, you can stretch her out a bit.

  9. The Don

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    Hi Gary12850,
    Wildspirit97 answered your question, hope the pdf helps. drop.io is inmune to search engines, that's why your google search did not work. It is a private way to share files.
    I might see if I can put that address in the help section so anyone can have a look at it.

    There's some good advice from TQuentin1, I might just add one thing. Make sure you check the tappet filter screen. It's usually one of those items seldom checked and if it clogs up you have no oil to the top end.The tappet screen plug is the one next to the lifter block above the oil pump (on the case, not the pump). This is usually mangled pretty badly as nobody uses the right size screwdriver to undo it.
    Cris aka The Don
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Great posts TD & TQ...
    Welcome to HDTimeline Cris, looking at the PDF how long have you been working with HD Shovels, and I know that Glider would be happy to know another to share his Fosters with...:cheers