77 fxe clutch adjust

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by dirtydan704, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. dirtydan704

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    have a 77 fxe just got it a couple weeks ago. having problems with clutch. pull clutch in pop in gear, bike takes off while i still have clutch engaged. bike sat for aprox 9 months , first start of year. clutch adjutment or replace? never realyworked on harleys. allways had triumphs. any help greatly appreciated.
  2. KingHeritage

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    The clutch plates could be dry from sitting for that long.Check your primary fluid level.If it's full start the engine and get it up to operating temperature and then see how the clutch reacts.I would purchase a shop manual and try adjusting the clutch before I would replace it.
  3. glider

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    Warm it up and change the primary fluid, then take it out for a ride to see if that was the problem. If it persists, adjust the clutch.

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