73,75,78 Ironhead hardtail

Discussion in 'Custom Models' started by kraut, Aug 9, 2011.

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    This a photo of the bike that I put together in my garage and rode for 12 years. I have since handed it down to my son. I have bought a 1999 FLHTC.
    This bike has a 73 frame with a weld-on hardtail. The front end is, I believe, a 75. The motor that's in the picture is a 78 Ironhead w/electric start. I had a 72 motor w/kick only before that. It has electronic points and regulator, disc brakes, and about a 38* rake. The parts that I either made or welded on were, The sissy bar, chain guard mounts, regulator mounts, oil tank mounts, seat mounts, rear fender, idiot light box, front headlight mount, oil filter mount, front/rear turn signal mounts, exhaust mounts, saddlebag mounts, and the handlebar risers were off of a Yamaha V Star. They were on my riding partners Yamaha when he died and his wife gave them to me. So I modified them to fit my bike in rememberence of him.
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    Very cool bike. Looks great. Very nice touch incorporating Buddies parts. How long did it take to build???
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    Great looking build. Hope your son understands what you gave him.
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    I agree I hope that your son enjoys this wonderful scoot. Old school for sure.
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    very nice...i just talked to my mom and she said it was ok if you want to adopt me..:D:D

    very pretty bike !!!
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    Thanks all!!! I worked on it the entire 12 years that I owned it. Always something to change to make better or fix. I never considered it finished. My son does appreciate what he has. I just got off the phone with him. He's always calling me and telling me stories about the bike and himself. He's definitely in 'hawg heaven'.
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    That is a fantastic looking bike. I remember those Ironhead chop builds. They were quite popular in the early 70's. I also saw a couple at a bike show in Daytona last spring. The big 3 chops back in the 70's where the Irons, the Pans and the Trumpets. And also a few Honda 750 inline chops.

    Nice story on the whole build.