69 Sportster Oil Line connections?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by Boozey, Jun 7, 2017.

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    So Someone else took out the oil bag on a 69 sportster I'm rebuilding.
    I could not determine from the manual which line goes to where. I know I have (And what I'm only assuming in brackets):
    1) Feed (Underside of Bag "cant see in photos" and larger I.D.)
    2) Vent ( Extreme top of tank, and small I.D.)
    3) Return (Almost on top and larger I.D.)
    I have 3 lines going into the crankcase, but I have no idea which is which. Pictures are included.

    What I cant figure out is which goes where? Where may I find this info, or how can I determine it?

    Thanks! IMG_3531.JPG IMG_3533.JPG IMG_3534.JPG