66 shovel with crank in da tank

Discussion in 'Custom Models' started by DAN 66, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Hey guys totally new here and a bit of a moron when it comes to wrenchin but trying ! Anyway i just blew my top end on a fresh rebuild got no comp in front cylinder on a 66 shovel! now heres where it gets kinda wierd on inspetion the fuel looked kinda diff drained the tannks and found a couple ounces of meth in the bottom ya u read that right bought them from an old 1% er guy who had them sitting for 10 plus years and swears he had know idea that was in there and when i orignaly checked em out i assume it was in plastic bag way in the bottom as it made no noise when shook and didnt see when looked in with flash light. anyway the reason im tellin this story is mech say this what caused front cylinder to lose comp but back is just fine! does this sound right? please tell me what u think! Any oppion welcome thanx

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Hah...kind of a new twist on having a "tiger" in your tank...! You could have had a blue light in your rear vue! :s LOL

    No, I don't think it is affecting the front cylinder functioning, but if they installed the top end wrong, or improperly installed or setup the push rods THAT would be a more likely problem... :(
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    Well that sure should make the list of things you shouldnt do to your bike!
  4. Mad Dog Jim

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    The crank may not have done the damage to YOUR head, but probably did damge the head of whoever put the engine together. Is it really "crank" if it wasn't in the crank case? Maybe that's why "tank" never got popular, they forgot where they put it...
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    Welcome to the forum.
    If I read this right, you just did a top end rebuild and there is no compression in the front cylinder. Does no compression mean Zero, zip nada. Or very low?
    Did it ever start? Did you ride it at all? I don't know anything about meth, but doubt it is the problem. I'd look at a valve hanging open, or push rod being adjusted too tight. Heads or head gasket leaking. Even the possibility that the rings didn't get put on the front piston.
  6. 2007_harley_man

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    wow lol that's all i got to say bout that:D
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    If it got in the front cyl, it got in the back cyl too. Check the push rods.
  8. Mad Dog Jim

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    One easy way to tell if it go into the cylinders is, after you ran the bike for a few minutes, did you get real paranoid? Suddenly feel way smarter than everyone else? Develope an urge to take apart your VCR? Then I bet it got in there...
  9. Jack Klarich

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    I would be checking for bent valves here, seen this too many times on Shovels
  10. maine-e-axe

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    The stuff in the tank may have been sticky goop left over 10 years and stuck a valve open and the piston banged it. You could have a bent valve, and connecting rod all so. JMO