'66 FL - Oil cap missing part(s)?

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by 66FLHDM, Jul 21, 2008.

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    I checked the oil in the ’66 before riding her to bike night this week. When I got there and shut her off, I quickly had a pool of oil on the ground. I had lost ½ a quart on the few miles there.
    It’s leaking around the cap, so I think I might have lost a piece when I put the oil cap back on.
    The parts manual shows an o ring and a washer on the thumbscrew that holds down the oil tank cap. And on the oil cap itself I notice in the parts manual what looks like a cork gasket??
    Mine has a rubber washer of sorts in the cap, but I don’t see a gasket like what I see in the J&P parts book (better picture than the parts manual).
    On the thumbscrew, I have a really old flat piece of “rubber” that might have been an o ring decades ago, but no washer.
    Can someone tell me what is supposed to be on that thumbscrew and the order…and if I’m missing stuff, can I replace with an o ring and a thin brass flat washer from a hardware store?
    Also, if moving to the “Perform” style filter, do you just chuck the dipstick and twist lock that holds it down? Is the spring on top of the Perform filter just press on the bottom of the oil filler cap and holds in place?
    Yes, I’m new to this old girl…learning as I go.
    If anyone is online and can go out in the garage and take a peek I’d sure appreciate the help!