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65 days and counting!!

Too far for me,:cry

Man I wish I was closer to the east coast.:bigsmiley30:

I been talking to some friends about Sturgis..............
Don't tease me!

5 more months till retirement and then I won't miss a Bike Event! I am in Fayetteville, NC so Daytona is 8 hours, Myrtle Beach 1hr 45 mikes and DC Rolling Thunder is 5 hrs away. At the end of August I'll tell you how manny hours to Sturgis.

Alway ride, never trailer!

Big Lou
We will trailer down 4 bikes from north Georgia. Buddy has a 45' Renagade diesel puller. Plan on camping out side of turn 3 & 4 of the speedway, heck of alot cheaper then the hotels. Plus you have all the stuff you need at your hands.
Leaving this weekend for Salt Springs Fl. About one hour from Daytona. Returning middle of April. Will be at Daytona most every day during rally

Awwwwwwww ya guys are killin me here...are big ride planned for the comin year is 105 celebration in Milwaukee..then up into Canada...anyone goin to the 105th?