48h cams in a 103?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by gregsdart, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Would like any reports on this combo, especially dyno sheets? Other reports show this cam to pull just like a 255 up to about 3500, then pull away for the rest of the rpm range. Your experience? We ride two up on our Limited, low speed torque is very important to me.

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    Can't produce you dyno sheets but I have followed MANY that have done these cams BOTH ways.....
    A SE255 cams will be better in the LOW side (holds MORE compression than the 48).... Just LOOK at the intake closing and compare there.. 255 close at 25* and the 48 at 29* and STOCK cams at 30*

    Intake valve closing makes the big difference in the cams, else wise very similar..

    I Love the SE255 in my bike.. I don't need to rev the motor to receive the low end power.. I DO notice a big difference...:D
    The 96" bikes Really are designed for the SE255 for the bottom end power I Look for. BUT in a 103, head work is needed and PRValves a good Idea.