47-48 Harley lights on Fender, need help identifying fenders

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  1. johnschick92

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    2 motorcycle fenders on trailer I drug home from our cabin.

    Lights are 47-48 Harley Davidson rear fender lights.
    Not sure the fenders go with the lights, here's why:
    On both fenders where lights are installed there are 2 holes that are different hole patterns. The fenders are the same. On the back of the fender is a row of 3 holes (filled) for hardware or ??.

    Truck bed it's attached to is 28-30's GMC, fenders could be anything

    The outside edge of the fender along the curve has a ridge and 8 holes where trim would probably be attached. Both front and rear edge of fender have indented area with curved peak at edge.
    Any help with what I have, possible markings to look for would be appreciated. Fenders and lights will be for sale once I know what I have. Many photos available by email.

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  2. Conolon Kid

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    If they were Harley fenders, they'd be hinged. As for the lights, take them off and look on the back of the housing. If it has "Guide" and Made inUSA, they're real and even in cobbed up condition they could be worth a couple hundred.
  3. panhead_jim

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    I agree that the rear fenders would have a hinge, but they also might be front fenders. Do a search for knuckleheads and check out the stock front fenders. There should be some indication of additional brackets used to attach the front fenders to the front end.
  4. Breeze3at

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    I'm also leaning to the front fender thought. Pic #4 shows a "widows" peak at the front edge, rears don't have that. Also rears are more square cut at the front, and have a relief to clear the chain, and I don't remember the side seam on rears, only fronts.