45 amp rotors

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    Last year I had to replace the stator and regulator on my '02 Road King. As it had over 10 years of service I guess that I got good service compared to many. I chose to replace them with CE parts.

    I now notice a very definite indent or detent, of sorts, as I rotate the crank shaft. It is only interrupted when either of the pistons are rotated on either side TDC of the compression stroke. This indent may have always been there and I had not taken notice until after replacing the stator. It is even stronger while the plugs are removed.

    I had learned on my '02 FLHRSEI that it was fitted with the 45 amp rotor and that the magnets were very much stronger that those used on lower amp systems. Upon removal, I could tell that this rotor was way, way stronger than the shovel rotors that I have had past experience with. IIRC those were 28 amp rotors.

    Have any of the wrenches here noticed this on their mills with the higher amp rotors?

    Is this normal on engines with the 45 amp rotors?