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This is a hand sculpted front fairing for a British soldier that lives in Singapore. this is the first coat of epoxy primer; there is still a lot of detail work needed.
Thanks Glider
We are also mounting a Gatling gun around the head light. He already has a Tail Gunner Exhaust.
WOW, a gatling gun:11:. That's what I need for some of these slow moving trucks around here.
The gatling gun won't rotate; the ower has a Tail gunner exhaust and he got pulled over by the Singapore police.
Its almost ready for base coat, then we mount the Gatling gun.
I will post the pictures when it's finished.
Its ready for base coat, the Gatling gun is being powder coated.


  • Shark fairing in primer 001.jpg
    Shark fairing in primer 001.jpg
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    Shark fairing in primer 005.jpg
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