30 Days off for good behavior

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SC-roadking, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I am sitting here thinking that I am to darn old (53yrs) to be this excided that I can’t sleep the night before my 30 day road trip. No special places to go, but I did buy and program the Zumo 550 GPS for say Mammoth lakes Ca, June Lake Loop Ca, Yosemite National Park Ca, and a few more. I have some close buddies that have also retired early and they will be in the Sierras. The funny thing is they don't ride just golf & fish. They just ask the same old questions that the other non riders ask, and I keep telling them that if I have to explain it to them they wouldn’t understand- Ha Ha. Well can't sleep so I will probably go back to the garage for the 10,000 time to check out the ride again just in case I might have a better way of packing things before I leave in a few Hrs. 07RKSE with Axtell cylinders, pistons’, 575 cams Thunder Max auto tuner, Rinehart true duals , & now with Zumo 550 GPS. Who knows might see some of you all on my little trip in Calif. I have to be back in time for my 5th grandchild’s birth in early September. I will post on the trip I’m sure. Later All :14:
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    30 days... sounds nice. enjoy the ride and stay safe. im jealous. keep us posted. 30 days, i would put that gps away till it was really needed. around day 28/29? ;)
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    Have a great trip. I agree, put the GPS away. Just ride wherever the road takes you.
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    Have a safe ride & enjoy the trip.we are waiting for photos.
    Concerning the GPS just have it hidden and use it when you are in a deep need.
    Lucky man!!!!!
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    Good for you any may you have a great time. Sounds like a awesome trip. I also agree put the gps away. Do you want someone telling you what to do??????:small3d007:Because with gas in the tank you are never lost.
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    Enjoy your trip!!

    I sure hope that I can still do the same thing when I reach your age..

    Take care,
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    Have a safe trip and thanks in advance for taking us along for the ride. Don't worry about the GPS they are great. I ride many more roads I wouldn't usually ride because I have one on my bike and I don't worry about where I point the front wheel. Takes the anxiety out of the ride for some of us. Others can't stand them, that's OK too.
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    Have a great trip. Be safe and take lots of pics.
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    Have a safe trip and enjoy your time off:s