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    Hi everyone down southwest, The wife and I want to, hate to say the word trailer down to, ride down in the Arizona, New Mexico, area in march. The snow in MN will be 2' deep and riding is not in the cards. :( We need info. on weather, in march and how wide of a safe band we can ride in. Cold is not are problem, riding in upper 40's, in MN, but ice and fast moving weather fronts but a scare into getting back from a day trip. Any info. would be great ! If there is any town that has a great HD dealership for talking about day trips. Or meeting up with a HOG chapter ride in march would be cool. :small3d026:Thanks all and any info. you can give !

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    March is good in south Az. (bottom of state looking North) From the left by Calif to the right NM. NICE and WARM...

    The higher elevations are a Come see and check as they Can change Daily...
    Usually warm but cooler AM's and PM's...

    Warm weather is Usual that time of the year here in Az. 70* to 80*+ make for great bike riding.:D

    Not knowing how you stay? Motel? Camper? Motor Home? All will work here. I would get around Casa Grande or Tucson area...Phoenix just North... Many HD shops close by...

    Little community like Florance is in the Middle of Good Riding any direction and the Blue Mist motel is a favorite of mine...Clean and not expensive.

    Higher areas like Springerville/Eager, Show-Low, Standing on the corner in Winslow Az. ARE all a must ride and see... The weather should be warm enough to do the upper part... SO com'n Down and enjoy the WARMTH...

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    That's for the info. ! Is there a ( Bike Week ) in March in the Arizona area ? I was getting stuff at the HD Dealer today and talking about the trip to a friend in service and he named off a lot of go to stops. He talked about some biker events going on in that area ?
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    March 2014

    3/2/2014 Phoenix Wounded Vets Run
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    Phoenix Arizona

    3/1/2014 Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets Chapter "E" 4th Annual Spring Party
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    Phoenix Arizona

    3/9/2014 Crusaders For The Children Bike Night
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    Phoenix Arizona

    3/9/2014 Ride for the Warrior III
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    Casa Grande Arizona

    3/7/2014 Motorcycles on Main
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    Mesa Arizona

    3/29/2014 6th Biker Babes & Balls Billards Run
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    Lake Havasu City Arizona