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2nd Relay & 4th Battery for my 07 Nightster

I need help!
This Harley Davidson is riden at least twice a week I may have let it set a couple of times till the weekend. The dealer has put the grease junk on the Relay and replaced the battery 4 times. This will be my third payment and I have approx. 2100 miles. It's about an 80 mile round trip to my work daily so I bought a bike. And I wanted a Harley. This just kills me the dealer has no idea of this problem except put the grease on the bike and me. I am tired of being greased by these two dealerships.
Can anyone tell me what to do EXCEPT buying a battery tender. That should have been sold with the bike....
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80 miles round trip should be enough to keep any battery charged without any problems.

I would first try to determine if there is any draw pulling the battery down causing this problem by disconnecting it once until the next ride to see if it goes dead again.
Four batteries is not normal (assuming they actually did replace it and not charge it up) The dealers have a way of stroking people and telling them that something was done when nothing was done at all. After the second battery the dealer should have gotten into the situation deeper to find out WHY the battery was dying and not just replaced it (if they did)

If the dealer can't sort it out, I would highly recommend another dealer. There are a lot of dealers that shouldn't be in business and it causes frustration on the part of the owner of the vehicle like you are going through here.

Lastly you can use a multi meter to determine if there is a draw between the battery terminal and the battery cable once disconnected. You may even be able to see a slight spark when touching the cable to the battery indicating a draw on the battery by something. If there is a draw (spark) when you reconnect the cable, then you remove one fuse at a time and try it again to isolate the system causing the draw.
If you do not have an alarm, there should be no spark when you do this.
Hobbit & Glider,
First of all thanks guys for posting. Yes it's under warranty. Yes I have personally been given three of those batteries becasue i said "I can put a battery in" Yes it has Security so that kinda puts a damper on "sparking" but it does have a draw of any where from 644 to 134 milliamps depending on its mood.
Once again thanks alot for posting...
I had a similar problem with my XL1220N. I posted on this issue several times. It appears you still have a short in the fuse/relay block...problem is a corrosion short. Did the bike get real wet? Take out all the fuses and relays. clean/replace them, the block and then dielectric grease before re-installing. Haven't had the problem since.

P.S. I replaced both relays because you can't see the short/open inside them.:x
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I have a friend who lives down in the Keys that has this problem quite often, his is caused by the salt air and humidity croadeing the electrical connections, he takes every electrical connection apart and cleans them and reapplies Dielectric grease to everything as he reassembles it