2hrs @ 26 degrees for nothing (smart siren help)

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jerryw618, Jan 3, 2010.

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    hello there i just spent 2 hours outside in 26 degree weather with high winds and snow , trying to install a smart siren 2 on my 2007 xl883 Low the only problem i encountered is i cant find the connector? i disarmed the factory alarm(turn bike on with fob nearby) pulled maxi fuse , disconnect battery , pulled battery i looked everywhere but i cant find the connector for the cable from the siren too the harness , i checked the factory alarm module it has 2 cables plugged into it ? so it doesnt go there ? i looked all around and under the battery tray ? under the bike, both sides of the bike ? but i cant fined the connector !!!! the reference to it in the service manual shows very little and what is there is different from what i have , and it doesnt show/tell where the connector goes !!!! can anyone help??