255 cam gains ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mca1989, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. mca1989

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    Have a 09 FLHT
    I am thinking of changing stock cams to the 255 cams.
    What are the REAL gains gotton from the change (HP & Torque,0-60 & or 1/4 mile times)
  2. iclick

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    The SE255's are not HP cams, and no combo of compression ratio, head work, etc. will win you any dyno shootouts with them. However, they are very good at boosting low-end and midrange TQ, and work great with stock compression up to about 10:1. They are a favorite for heavy baggers with tall gearing that typically work in the 2000-4500rpm range, as that is their forte.

    Based on dyno charts I've seen, given a well-tuned bike with the usual Stage 1 upgrades (tuner, AC, and mufflers) in a TC96, you should see 6-8 ft/lb TQ and about 4hp increase, with the TQ-peak at around 3200 and HP-peak at 5000. The TQ curve will move up, not to the right, with no loss in the extreme low-end, even with stock compression.

    I installed 255's in my '07 FLHX and I'm very happy with the result. I can't speculate on 0-60 or ¼-mile times, but if drag-racing is your priority you should look elsewhere, IMO, as the 255's peak at 5k RPM--not exactly where you want to peak in a racing environment. The virtue of the 255's is being able to deliver the power where you are now without unnecessary downshifting.

    A good compromise of making a nice HP gain without degrading the low-end too much might be the Wood TW6-6 instead, possibly with a 4°-advance gear, and although the 255's will "come in" sooner on the low-end the 6-6's will produce more peak-HP and can tolerate more compression if desired. Which is better, or something else, is a matter of where you want the power to come in and where your priorities lie.
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    the 255 is a good torque cam, I think you'd be happy with the gains over the stock cam. IMO there are better cams out there, S&S 551ES or the Wood's TW6-6, for stock heads/springs but the 255 will produce good low end torque. Make sure you use Torrington cam bearings when you do your project. good luck.