21" x 3.5 font wheel on stock FXDWG 2003+front tire advice needed

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by pinballd, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. pinballd

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    Okay,I'm a newbie,first post... I need advice I want more traction / rubber on the road ,looking to go to a wider 21" rim x 3.5 instead of the stock pizza cutter width size of 2.15.... especially since I have 21 inch apes on my Dyna wideglide 100th anniversary edition..Questions
    1) is 3.5 width too wide for this bike??

    2) people say I should go to a metz 880 Marathon ..Michelin commander? what is a good tire for a 21" x 3.5 front wheel?

    3) does this mean I need to change to same brand tire in the back?running 16 x 3 dunlop tire in the back ??
    Thanks in advance

    00BUCKSHOT Junior Member

    i don't see why you could not put a wider wheel on it just have to get the right spacers to go with it .........outher than looks your prob not going to change much by putting the new tire/wheel on
  3. jel123

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    I changed mine to a 3.5 metz works great the only problem is the front fender had to tweak it and theres not much clearance you really need a wider fender but it feels better in the curves,jel