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    i'm thinking of swapping out my front wheel on my 07N RK from stock 16" to 21". Do i have to change or modify the front fender and if anyone out there has done this what are the basic costs of swapping out fender and replacing it with a narrower fender to accomodate the new narrower front tire and wheel. ie; fender mouinting brackets paint etc. And is changing the fender really necessary?
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    I like the look.Seems more and more people are going that route.Sure the handling will change but not that drasticaly.Ive owned a 96 FXSTS springer for many years.If you compair it to a springer classic the 1 true difference is one has a skinny front tire and the other a fat front tire.

    I have a buddy who owns a springer classic and the reality is my skinny tired springer outhandles his in virtualy every way.

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    I have a skinny front tire on my 96 fxstc and found it followed every groove , I then changed out the front tire from dunlop to Metzler and it made a world of difference , maybe my Dunlop was bad but it only had 9000 klm's , got me to believe it was the tires and i am sold on metzlers for this , I am in the middle of doing this to my electraglide , I will let you know the outcome as the electraglide seems to follow grooves a little
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    Wife rides a dyna wide glide with a 16" front wheel and i ride a softail custom with a 21" front wheel the softail has a much quicker resoponse than the dyna which feels much heavier in the handling department
    A wide glide front fender may fit your bike and work with the 21" front wheel