2020 Sporster XL Upgrades

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by SouthernHarleyGuy, Feb 26, 2022.

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    Good evening all. This is my first Harley and I am in love. I have had my sporster about a month an honestly I am ready to upgrade to a bigger bike but realistically I need to stick with this one for a while but I am lost when it comes to parts. Can someone point me in the right direction? Can yall give me some upgrade ideas and how top make it faster on the top end. Also, I cannot find a sissy bar that will fit. My tail lights have a wider casing on them so no sissy bar fits. Any suggestions on changing them out or kit that will move the tail lights?

    Right now its getting some 12' hangers installed. I have already changed the air filter with a fat sucker and some slip in vance and hines. Any suggestions on other upgrades? Sorry I am rambling.
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    Welcome from Ohio.
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    Welcome to the forum from Gulf Coast AL. My first suggestion would be to visit your local HD dealer if you have one, they will have a lot of goodies to sell you but they are pricey.
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    If the OP has installed a high flow air filter and less restrictive exhaust, the motor is running lean; they run lean from the factory. Probably the best investment at this point would be a dyno tune; could expect a gain of 5-10 TQ/HP depending on the current state ot tune. The OP should look for a tuner that uses the Power Vision and sells licenses and get the motor tuned. Being a 2020 model, probalby not much warranty left but a tune could void the warranty depending on the dealer. Some dealers would void the warrnty for the installation of the aftermarket air filter and exhaust, so the OP should weigh the pros and cons. A dyno tune would definiely make a difference and increase TQ/HP and make for a smoother ride and decel popping if the OP is experiencing that.
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    Thank yall. I bought my cable kit from the my local Harley Dealership and upon installing it, it was incorrect so i am not sure that I wan to trust them for upgrade advise.