2014 Super Low 1200T

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by BigDog76, May 25, 2014.

  1. BigDog76

    BigDog76 New Member

    Ok I upgrade to a 1200T rubber mount motor from a 883r non rubber this bike 1200T vibration is the same can I fix it or that just the nature of the beast
  2. nakkers

    nakkers Junior Member

    There certainly is vibration with rubber mount Sporty's but, are you sure it's the same? Not sure if you can cure the issue(s) you are experiencing?

    I can say parked and at idle, still get a fair amount of feedback but, once on the way things smooth out pretty well. At least compared to the solid mount models.

    What is the location of the vibes? Hands, feet, seat?
  3. RiffRaff

    RiffRaff Member

    I second nakkers comment that it should smooth out when you're under way. If it's a 2014, I assume it's new and under warranty. You might try a two step approach.
    1. Test ride another 2014 Super Low 1200 at the dealer. If it's the same as yours, it's probably the nature of the beast.
    2. If the test ride is significantly smoother than yours, ask the dealer fix yours under warranty.