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    October 16, 2013 9:08 PM EDT

    MILWAUKEE (October 16, 2013) - Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) is acting quickly to address potential safety issues by voluntarily recalling certain 2014 Touring motorcycles equipped with a hydraulic clutch system that may pose a safety issue for riders and/or passengers. The recalls include a Do Not Ride notice to owners and a Do Not Deliver notice to Harley-Davidson dealers until the motorcycle is fixed.

    “The safety of our customers is our highest priority,” said Tony Wilcox, Harley-Davidson General Manager of Motorcycle New Product Delivery. “We have identified potential safety issues and are moving quickly to notify our customers and dealers. The inspection and repair of these motorcycles is extremely important, so it’s critical that our customers with affected vehicles contact their dealers immediately. We apologize for this circumstance. The company is committed to correcting this issue and providing customers with the quality experience and service they expect.”

    The recalls affect 25,185 Touring motorcycles, models FLHTCU, FLHTK, FLHTP, FLHX, FLHXS, FLHTKSE and FLHRSE, and 3,861 Softail® CVOs and Trikes, models FLHTCUTG, FXSBSE and FLSTNSE, built between May 3, 2013, and Oct. 14, 2013.

    Some of these motorcycles may exhibit a condition in which the hydraulic clutch system may lose the ability to generate enough lift to disengage the clutch. If the clutch does not disengage as intended, the rider may have difficulty slowing or stopping the motorcycle, which could result in an accident. Harley-Davidson has initiated these recalls to correct the affected motorcycles.

    The company is taking the additional measure of issuing a Do Not Ride notice to riders given the potential safety issues. The company wants owners of affected motorcycles to contact an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer immediately to arrange for an inspection. The dealer will pick up, inspect and make the necessary repairs at no cost to the owner. The repairs have been identified and should take less than one hour.

    Although the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is closed as a result of the partial government shutdown, Harley-Davidson is proceeding with these voluntary recalls consistent with NHTSA’s process.
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    After they fix the problem. I understand that they will also throw in a shower cap with the new shower head line. lol :p
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    This was all over the internet this morning. At least HD is being very proactive in the recall and "do not sell until it's fixed" notice to dealers.
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    Oh good greif! How long have hydraulic clutch's been around?
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    That's exactly what I said. I know they were out in 2005, and I have not heard of any problems occurring. I wonder how many "recalled" 2014's are in Daytona right now?
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    Many years, P M has been making kits for a long time, H D will get it right, my guess is a vendor master cylinder issue
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    my 1998 Triumph had one and it worked just fine, perhaps sometimes it might pay Harley Davidson to look at other makes and models to give them some Ideas..
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    I just got back from Daytona. They shut down the demo rides on Thursday due to the recall, but they flew in the kits to fix them Thursday night. They worked through the night and had them all done, including mine, by 9:00 am Friday morning. There were at least 30 customer bikes there that I saw and probably a lot more. Rossmeyer's did a great job.
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    work at the main post office in milw, wi and process the mail going out of state, Last week HD had a major mailing that consisted of recall letters. So like we all say...the letters are in the mail.
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    What parts did they replace??