2013 Road Glide Fuel pressure issue

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    I recently traded in my '06 Night Train for a 2013 Road Glide Custom. Right out of the gate I was surprised that I did not feel a big difference in power going from an 88" to a 103" motor and that the bike seemed a little slugish when I put a passenger on. I had done the stage one upgrades on the Softail and expected that Going With Vance and Hines True Duels, Big sucker air cleaner and Power commander that I would see a noticeable improvement. Bike ran great first day out of the shop but the next morning would hardly start, the idle was all over the map and then it would die. You could not put any load on the bike at all without it dying. The shop that did the work (not HD) picked her up and one of their first checks was fuel pressure. When they found the system was only running at 32 PSI (should be 55-60) they buttoned her up and helped me bring the bike to the dealership. The non -HD mechanic told me he has heard of this issue before but was unaware of the cause(s) as the bikes were all under warranty. Has anyone out there heard of this issue on 2010 and newer
    touring bikes and know of probable cause? I am hoping to throw as many ideas at the HD techs to help expedite the repair in time for a 100 mile ride planned for next week.
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    That would be a 1000 mile ride :bigsmiley25:
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    I'm not an expert on the 103 but I have heard enough members say how pleased they were with the increase in power over the 88. If with the stage 1 you are not seeing improvement over your 88 something has not been tuned correctly. JMO
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    Haven't heard many issues with the 2010+ touring, other than heat fm exhaust/CAT. Have they ruled out your tuner causing the problem? Might want to take that factor from the mix and see if there's a correction to the fuel situation & go fm there. Good luck & no worries b/c your bike's under warranty so let HD's tech's figure out the issue(s). They'll get you on the road for the 1K mile trek.
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    I would first remove tuner and ride bit a to see how it performs. Second I hope that shop check fuel pressure properly. Biker Rogue's Jims Fuel Pressure Tester Article
    3rd, have you been using this shop for a long time or is this your 1st visit?
    In my opinion this shop is missing something and trying to pass the buck. Be prepared that this may not be a warranty repair for most problems on a Harley are caused by lack of expertise of mods done to bike....
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    I predict the dealership is going to try to wash their hands of this problem since you had another, non HD, mechanic make major mods to your bike. You MAY have to return everything to stock and then, if the problem persists, they'll have to deal with it under warranty.

    Like others suggested, disconnect the Power Commander and see what happens.
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    I explained to the Tech at HD exactly what work had been done and he had no issues with it. It is a pretty basic upgrade and the installed components have no effect on fuel pressure. The need for more fuel created by the mods brought the fuel pressure issue to light. I have had heard of a similar situation locally on a 100% stock bike that failed at about 900 miles in. After the repair was made the bike owner said he did not realize all the power he had been missing from day 1. The bike probably never had the proper fuel pressure.