2012 Ultra passenger VOX setting

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by NCHarleyHOG, Apr 22, 2013.

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    I have a 2012 Ultra Classic. Can someone please explain to me how to set/adjust the VOX for the passenger (my wife). I can set the VOX for the driver (me) and there is a volume setting for both my wife and myself, but I can't find a VOX setting for my wife.

  2. Mike.Salvatore

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    The vox setting for the FLHTK is only controlled from the front of the bike. We ran into some problems with that for our 2011 and we just now resort to a higher fox setting for highway and she uses the controller on right side of bike to ppt ( push to talk). We rarely use the intercom tho...I primarily use the CB on long trips but remember if you use ppt on the bike in any location it will transmit over the cb and intercom if both are on. If you use vox for intercom it's only intercom when cb is on and you or she uses the ppt will transmit over cb and intercom.
    Try using a bigger wind sock/sponge over the mic it will reduce wind notice and allow a lower vox setting..
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    If i let the OL know that her VOX worked she would have me snapping my head all over the place. i just act like it doesn't and tell her i will have it checked next time bike is in for service...oh darn you mean they didn't fix it...

    actually i found you have to turn VOX level up past 75% to have both mike's work, but if you turn it up to high you will have it activate from wind noise. its tricky and you cant do it sitting still...have her sing a song and play around with the level on a long straight road with no traffic.