2012 H-D Switchback??

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  1. Slo-Ryd

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    Anyone seen a picture or have any solid info? Tried google but couldn't find any pictures. Unless I was looking for a snowmobile or jacket:p
  2. whacko

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    Did a little googling myself. Another forum that I don't visit:s....only popped up because I googled it.....had someone post that they got an online survey from the moco that was looking for opinions on marketing and there was a picture of a "switchback" but no model year attached to it. It was a dyna wideglide with detachable hard bags, tall sissy bar, detachable windshield, and a 103 motor. The poster thinks the "switchback" name refers to being able to switch between a wide glide and a touring configuration kind of like the cvo softail convertable.

    Who knows.....we'll all see the new models in a few weeks but it is cool to speculate!
  3. blademan

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    He's more than likely right, since I already built my own Dyna Convertable.
  4. whacko

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    Yeah it sounds like another part bolt on. I do think having a 103 available on certain dyna frames would sell well. Having the bags and shield on a wide glide seems a little odd.....I would have to see it in person first. Seems alot like the Tour Glide they offered in 2003.....super glide custom with bags and a small fairing. But I don't think the bags were removable on the t glide in 03.

    And.....a little more googling reveals this article:

    Two new Harleys for 2012 - Motorcycle news: New bikes - Visordown

    Looks like the switchback may be a new Dyna model after all. Also the article states the 103 will be more prominent in all the models.....gotta keep up with the victory 106 being standard an all models I guess.

    And even a little more googling comes up with this.....the Dyna Fat Bob, Wide Glide and yes.....the "switchback" will get the 103 motor stock.


    Motor sizes on the some more of the line up.....looks like all the softails will get the 103 stock and the superglide custom and street bob will keep the 96.


    And from this it appears ALL of the touring models will come with the 103.

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  5. R_W_B

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    I just now got an email on this Switchback, from my HD dealer. I'm gonna email them and ask details. I thought it looked more like a Roadglide with slightly smaller bags and no batwing. Never realized how good a Roadglide would look that way before. It's sharp.
  6. tlyoungb

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    I was just at the Space Coast Harley Davidson Dealership this past Saturday. They had one on the showroom floor. No sooner when it hit the floor, it was sold. They just rolled it right back to the shop.

    It is a awesome looking bike. I think I found my next ride.
  7. dbmg

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    The only thing I did not like was the pint size saddle bags. Otherwise very nice bike...
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    Road Glide? Maybe Road King.:p
  9. trike lady

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    I found a photo of the bike, it does look like a small version of a Road King. Put a bat wing fairing on it and you have a small Street-glide.

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    The newest Harley owners mag has full article on it.