2012 Big Twins - 103" motor standard

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    I was just curious if anyone had heard what the MoCo did in the 2012 motors (if anything) to preclude the problem with the crankshaft runout that has occurred (primarily, from what I understand in motors that have been big-bored or modified for higher output) in the twin-cams in the past. Anyone have anything on this? I'm glad to see that they are pumping up the 96" to a 103" as having ridden both...,well, dispite what you are told...SIZE DOES MATTER and it makes a difference in performance and overall satisfaction.

    I'm also curious if the factory-stock 103's are the thigh-scorchers that the 96's were or if anything (other than re-routing the pipe under the swingarm) has been done to eliminate the ultra-lean mixture that they are required to have to meet EPA.

    What's the outlook on a big-bore V-twin or (better yet) a 4 or 6 cylinder water cooled touring bike in HD's future? (I'd buy one in a split second!)
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    cant recall the name of the company now, but they make a HD clone engine, but its a V4. i think they called it a quadzilla or something. Google prolly knows. I seen one once. and was impressed! wanted to use one on a bike we did, but we ended up using one of the COnfederate engines, triple cams and belt driven on top of it. real screamer.


    v quad, thats the name. i think they are a division of TP Engineering. I know at least some of the parts for it are built by them. its like 250 cubic inches or something ridiculous. about $20K or so if i recall correctly.
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    Nope...nothing listed as having changed that I saw. Looks like they just hung a factory punched out motor in the frame. Worth it, I guess, just to have the bike come stock with the motor vice having to tear your motor down to install the big bore kit. And it does have the auto compression release heads too.
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    I heard they have tighten the specs up a little from .012 to .008 for max. I'll try to remember where I saw that.